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Tourist attractions

Miyazaki prefectural office

This building is the fourth oldest active prefectural office in Japan.
It’s a popular place to visit and close to the hostel.

Miyazaki shrine

Emperor Zinmu is the God of this shrine. This shrine was made from cedar trees.
The Zinmu festival is held every autumn and so many visitors come to watch the festival.

Florante Miyazaki

This is a park where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and some festivals.

Miyazaki city Phoenix nature zoo

The zoo has over 1200 animals of 100 different species. It has the most flamingos in Japan.
There is an amusement park and a whirlpool too.

Aoshima (Ao island)

A weird rock formation that surrounded by rocks which are called Devil’s washing board – Oni no sentakuita. The circumference is only 1.5km.There are many subtropical plants so you will feel like you are in a tropical world.

Horikiritouge (Horikiri pass)

When you go though the pass you will see a deep blue ocean and coastline that is made by weird rocks. There are some beautiful flowers such as phoenix canariensis and spider Lilies along the pass.

Udozingu (Udo shrine)

The shrine is painted red and it is in a cave.
It is said that if you make a wish and throw a good luck ball then if the ball goes into a certain area on a turtle rock your wish will come true.